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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Arrow Dodge.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Bar Rated Entertainment is a Hartford based events company that has hosted over 8,000 live events in Connecticut and Massachusetts since 2010.

  • Trivia Nights, Bar Bingo, Karaoke, Video Game Tournaments, Beer Fests, Charity Fundraisers & more!
Prior to 2020, BRE was responsible for hosting trivia nights at 70 locations a week.
  • Currently, BRE is hosting events at 50+ locations a week with a staff of 30+ hosts.

  • “ARROW DODGE” from Bar Rated Entertainment is ‘Combat Archery’; a fusion between archery, paintball, and dodgeball. The playing field and game modes will remind you of dodgeball; the extreme element of archery delivers the adrenaline rush of paintball!


  • Participants play in a safe head-to-head competition where they’ll use safe foam-tipped arrows and special bows to shoot at targets and opponents in a designated playing field.


  • Dodge, aim, and shoot around inflatable bunkers while you channel your
    inner ‘Robinhood’, ‘Hawkeye’ or ‘Katniss Everdean’!

Not at all! Unlike paintball, DODGE BOW can be played without any heavy protective gear.

  • We supply face masks and arm guards for your added safety.

Our foam tipped arrows have been on the market and sold world-wide since 2007 and have thousands of hours of safety testing.

  • They are specifically designed with the highest level of safety and durability in mind to ensure a fun, safe way to provide a combat archery experience.

  • The recommended age is 10 years old and up.
    (for private events, children 7 to 10 can join in on the fun.)


  • No archery experience is required to play. Prior to the actual game play, all players will be provided basic training and sufficient time to practice shooting.
    (A dedicated staff member will help train all players to become champions on the playing field!)


  • All participants must read and sign our Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play.
    (Parents of players under 18 must sign the waiver to allow them to play.)


  • Custom Bows
  • Foam Tipped Arrows
  • Protective Face Mask
  • Inflatable Bunkers

ARROW DODGE game play is a combination of 3 other main sports including, Dodgeball, Paintball, and Archery. Participants form teams of 5 and shoot at
opponents with large foam tip arrows using a bow.

  • To avoid injury, participants wear protective face masks and use bows with less than 30lb draw weight.
  • The game's rules closely resemble dodgeball.
  • The game begins with a set number of arrows in the center of the arena.
  • At the whistle, players race to collect them, before firing them at one another across the playing field.
  • A player is eliminated if struck by an arrow, and a player can bring an eliminated teammate back into play by catching an arrow.
  • The team with the last player remaining wins!


  • Can range from 30’x60’ to 50’x100’
  • Center “Neutral Zone” at least 18’ in width
  • Can be played with or without netting
  • Can be played on a tennis court with the net up
  • Inflatable Bunkers are weighted, but can be staked into grass

  • Currently, Bar Rated Entertainment is offering ARROW DODGE events at various indoor sports facilities across Connecticut. (Gyms and other large indoor spaces can be utilized as well.)
  • Perfect for summer camps and corporate team building!

  • Charity events are currently in the works where teams can register to participate.

  • We also plan to offer outdoor games this summer and to have an on-site facility this fall!

  • Leagues forming soon..

ARROW DODGE sessions include (2 hours & up to 40 people):

  • 2 hours of court time at one of our pre-selected indoor locations.
  • Training – 20 minutes of instructions and target practice.
  • Game – 80 minutes of play time
  • Break Time: (2) 10-minute cool-down periods
  • Bow – Specially designed recurve bow
  • Mask – Breathable face masks that are sanitized prior to each event

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